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HALM helps save over a ton of plastic waste every day. Help stop the plastic pollution of our planet and choose the best sustainable glass straw - HALM!

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Harmless, Fair & Social

HALM glass straws are sustainable in every way. Made from 100% sustainable sources and produced under fair working conditions in Germany. Additionally, our drinking straws are exclusively free of all harmful substances such as BPA, lead, petroleum and color additives that have negative impacts on both our health and the environment.

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Plastic Straw trash at the beach cleanup choose to reuse save the oceans and turtles

The problem with plastic straws

Every day, 3 BILLION plastic straws are used worldwide and usually thrown away after a few minutes. Up to 500 years can pass before the material has completely decomposed, leaving harmful toxins in our environment.

Contrary to popular belief, plastic straws cannot be recycled due to their size, as they can easily clog machines. Disposable straws usually end up in oceans, landfill or rivers, where they have caused indescribable damage. Plastic Straws are the 5th most polluting product in our oceans. WHAT A WASTE!

Let's make a change

Best alternative to plastic and paper straws reusable glass drinking straws

The best alternative to plastic straws

"Choose to Reuse" is out motto. A comparison of all the most common alternatives shows that glass quickly stands out as the perfect substitute. However, it is also important to make sure that the right glass is used.

Borosilicate glass used from many other glass straw brands are unfortunately not as sustainable as expected. Due to glass impurities and often colors they cannot be recycled and often produced under manual labour. A reusable straw only really makes sense if it is 100% sustainable and does not produce any further problems for your health or the environment.

HALM straws are made from a high quality special-glass produced in Germany. We take pride in being able to offer a unique innovation which is 100% pure recyclable glass and extremely stable at the same time. This makes HALM Straws the safest, healthiest and most eco-friendly option for your favorite drinks!

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