How we started

HALM was created to bring more taste to your drinks and less plastic in the environment.

The HALM founders

Hello! We are Hannah Cheney and Sebastian Müller - the founders of HALM.

We are united by ten years of living, working and a great passion for sustainability together.
Our driving force is the thought of a better future, where future generations can live in a clean and safe environment.

Let's make a change

The idea behind HALM

The idea of a sustainable alternative to plastic straws came during a beach clean-up on a trip to Thailand in 2015. Plastic straws are among the top 10 most commonly found waste on the beach, because every day about three billion plastic straws are thrown away after a single use.

After intensive research, we decided to use glass when we founded the company in 2016 due to many compelling advantages (reusability, pure taste, easy cleaning and great drinking experience). Since the market launch in 2017, enough HALM straws are being used by our customers that together now we save more than a ton of plastic waste on a daily basis.

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The HALM team

It is not only the product that is convincing, but also the team behind HALM, which is distinguished by its many years of expertise in e-commerce. HALM's role as a first mover and market leader plays a particularly important role here. This is because we know how to stand out from the average through excellent customer service, customization offers and fast delivery times. Already a large number of households, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and more trust in the Berlin based team behind HALM glass straws.

At HALM you get everything from a single source: consulting, customer service, production and delivery. Through a strong value chain with our own production, we guarantee timely and reliable delivery with consistent quality.

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