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 HALM glass straws are the most hygienic drinking straw option for your home. Due to the transparency and smooth surface of glass, impurities can be detected in a flash.

Easy to clean in the cutlery basket of your dishwasher

The easiest way to clean HALM glass straws is in the dishwasher. There, they are placed upright in the cutlery basket. In the standard program, the HALM straws are rinsed from top to bottom and achieve the same cleanliness as a drinking glass.

If your machine doesn't have a cutlery basket, you can also put your straws on the bars of the dishwasher or even just lay them down if you haven't just drunk a sticky smoothie.

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Cleaning with included plastic free brush

We have included a convenient and plastic-free cleaning brush with each of our sets. This was specially designed by us as a custom-made product. Depending on the length of the HALM straw, we also have different lengths of brushes in our assortment.

Our brush is particularly suitable if your drink may already be a little dried up. It is best to soak your glass straws in a water bath first, then our brush will perform at its best.

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