The Most Hygienic Straws - Dishwasher Safe

 HALM glass straws are the most hygienic and temperature resistant reusable straws! Like other drinkware, glass straws are easily cleaned in the dishwasher and can be treated like silverware. Glass Straws from HALM are trusted by millions of customers and thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes around the world.

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Easy to clean - Dishwasher Friendly

Place glass straws upright in the dishwasher silverware basket. You can use place them with other silverware items alongside. HALM straws are made form the highest quality glass to ensure optimal hygiene and cleanliness. Simply run the straws through a standard program and the glass straws will be rinsed inside and out. 

If your machine doesn't have a silverware basket, you can also put your straws on the dishwasher stems or even just lay them down in the top draw. 

A plastic-free cleaning brush is included in every package you purchase in case you do not have a dishwasher, or in the case you are travelling or for any extra after cleaning. 

Cleaning with included plastic free brush

We have included a convenient and plastic-free cleaning brush with each of our sets. This was specially designed by us as a custom-made product. Depending on the length of the HALM straw, we also have different lengths of brushes in our assortment.

Due to the transparency and smooth surface of glass, impurities can be detected in a flash. Our brush is particularly suitable for cleaning after drinks like smoothies or milk drinks if your drink may already be a little dried up. Simply run your straws under the faucet water with some dishwashing liquid and rinse. Dry straws upright and re-use in your next drink! 

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