Less Waste Initiative - Every Set Donates

HALM has prevented the use of more than 1 billion plastic straws being used and thrown away by replacing it with our reusable option. However, at HALM we go one step further against the fight against pollution!

Did you know that it can take up to 500 years for plastic waste to fully decompose? Uncountable waste has already been produced worldwide, and the effect on our oceans and environment is devastating. Thats why we also invest in our future by supporting the planet with our cleanup Initiative.

HALM Less Waste Initiative

We are part of the change and started the HALM Less Waste Initiative. With every HALM Straw set sold, we donate to Trash Hero World, a global organization that is active in 12 countries, doing valuable work through cleanups and contributing toward the education about environmental protection.
With the huge work of the Trash Hero network and the support of organizations like HALM, we have been able to contribute to collecting 100 tons of plastic waste every year. A necessary and vital step against the pollution of Mother Earth!