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With HALM we have created a sustainable and innovative reusable straw that can be with you every day and throughout your life.

Optimum safety

  • Extreme stability due to the perfect ratio of inner diameter and wall thickness
  • In-house manufacturing process with double quality control
  • Flattering mouth feel thanks to rounded opening
  • Free of chemical toxins, lead and BPA
  • Twice as strong as other glass straws
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Top quality

  • 100% pure special glass
  • 100% taste of your drinks guaranteed as glass is tasteless
  • 100% own production with more than 60 years experience
  • 100% Made in Germany
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Great for Kids

We recommend HALM drinking straws for children over 3 years old. This is because they are very popular with parents not only because of their feel, but also because - unlike other straws - they are free of any toxins. There is no need to chew on the HALM any more than there is with a drinking glass. Due to its repeated "relaxation" in the kiln, glass splinters also never break off from it. And if the straw should fall on the stone floor several times, it will break into large, easy-to-pick-up particles and can be disposed of in the glass container like other recyclable drinking glasses. But don't worry, with a breakage rate of less than 0.01%, this only happens in the rarest of cases.

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