Reusable Straws - Quality and Safety for a Lifetime

With HALM we have created a sustainable and innovative reusable glass straw that will last you a lifetime!

Optimum Safety

  • Extremely stable with a perfect ratio of inner diameter and wall thickness
  • Expert manufacturing process with double quality controls
  • Comfortable mouth feel thanks to the smooth rounded end
  • BPA Free and contains no other lead or chemical residues
  • Twice as strong as other glass straws
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Top Quality

  • Made from the best quality glass in the world
  • Smooth, rounded mouth feel for a safe and pleasant drinking experience
  • Pure taste guaranteed - glass is taste neutral
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Safe for Kids

Kids absolutely love reusable glass straws as they are fun and easy to use! HALM straws are available in a range of unique smaller sizes and even with a curve that are especially suitable for children. We recommend HALM drinking straws for children over 3 years old under the supervision of an adult.  

For years, HALM straws has been trusted by millions of families and the feedback from children is outstanding. Blowing bubbles is especially fun! 

If your glass straws fall on the table or bench, you can be assured they will stay in tact, without any breaks or chips. Glass straws also cannot break in your mouth with your teeth and are stronger than a Lion's jaw bite!

In any rare case a straw fall on a very hard floor and happens to break, just like any other glass that breaks, firstly ensure everyone is safe and simply clean up the glass and dispose in your glass recycling container.


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